From 2017
Contractor for Lexogen GmbH

  • Lead development of the SLAMdunk product backend.
  • Optimizing and porting established variant-callers for nucleotide-conversion detection.
  • Containerization of so ware packages using Docker.
  • Deployment of Docker containers on the Bluebee private cloud platform .
  • License assessment and resource benchmarking .

From 2014
Bioinformatician at the IMP Research Institute for Molecular Pathology

  • Data mining public datasets in the cloud .
  • Lead bioinformatics method and algorithm development for the SLAM-seq sequencing technology.
  • Design of genome-wide shRNA and sgRNA libraries for pooled RNAi /CRISPR screens in human and mouse and screen analysis.
  • Project lead on database and front-end development for integrating, visualizing and querying screening and NGS data and metadata utilizing the on-campus sequencing facility API
  • Establishment of Oxford Nanopore Sequencing (ONT) protocols in the lab (first lab at IMP).

Bioinformatician at Sophia Genetics SA

  • Lead development, maintenance and optimization of a targeted gene sequencing and exome-sequencing pipeline building system forming the bioinformatics backend of the Sophia DDM ® SaaS platform .
  • Tailoring pipelines for diagnostic gene panel kits on various sequencing platforms (Roche 454 / ionTorrentPGM / Illumina MiSeq) for major hospitals and labs in Switzerland and across Europe .
  • Conducting genetic test kit validation studies with key diagnostic kit developer sat European level .
  • Product presentations for prospective and established customers and on conferences .

Bioinformatician at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories

  • De-novo genome assembly of Clunio marinus:
    • Contig assembly, filtering and completeness assessment
    • Setup of the de-novo gene annotation pipeline and genome browser (MAKER,GMOD)
  • Scaffold N50 of 1.9Mb, 98 % completeness.
  • Better assembly quality than honeybee, Tribolium or the monarch butterly.
  • Served as basis to unravel the genomic basis of circadian and circalunar timing adaptations.
  • Served as basis to unravel the genomic basis of circadian and circalunar timing adaptations.
  • Hosted at ClunioBase and published in Nature.

Project student at the Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna

  • Massive parallelization of sequence alignments on the CPU and cluster
  • Software development of an evaluation framework for reference-mapping software.
  • De-novo transcriptome assembly of RNA-seq data for Idiosepius pygmaeus.

Research intern at the SBC Stockholm Bioinformatics Center

  • Network analysis of the gene interaction database FunCoup to in-silico identify and evaluate novel neurodegenerative disease candidate genes.
Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics, Medical University Vienna

Erasmus Semester at the Stockholm Bioinformatics Center, Stockholm, Sweden

Bachelor’s Degree in Bioinformatics, University for Applied Sciences Hagenberg
Computers skills
• Programming
C/C++, Java
• Scripting
Python, R/Bioconductor, Bash, Perl

• Versioning
Git, SVN
• Containers
Docker, Singularity

• Platforms
Linux, Mac OS X, AWS, Windows
• Building
CMake, Maven

• Frameworks
EJB / CDI, Hibernate / JPA, JSF + PrimeFaces
• Parallelization
• German
• English
Full professional proficiency
• Spanish
Elementary proficiency
Beachvolleyball, Cycling, Bouldering, Slacklining, Badminton

Piano, Guitar, Drums

Reading news, languages, travelling